Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Hi everyone, I thought we might try using this blog to see if it is easier for us to communicate.

Now that things are settled, would it be okay if I took Thanksgiving on at our house? I talked to Dad and told him that we would cook the turkey this year. He and Aunt Sylvia don’t need to be on their feet all day.

If I can just get a good count as to who is coming from each household, that would help in my planning.

Here is a list to sign up for:

Turkey: Andrea
Stuffing: Andrea
Gravy: Andrea
Potatoes: Andrea
Sourkraut: Dad
Winter Squash:
Green Beans:
Sweet Potatoes:
Potato Chips/Dip:
Other Veggie?
2 Pumpkin Pies and Whipped Cream:
2 Apple Pies:

Anything else???