Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Eve

"You better watch out .. you better not cry ...."

9 days and counting!

Christmas Eve at Paul's house. We are now getting together with our girls on Sunday, so any time on Christmas Eve is fine with us Paul .. just let us know.

What are we to bring?

What is the final on the gift exchange? are we doing white elephant also?


paula said...

You'd better not pout, i'm telling you why....
A simple menu will do.
Meat, cheese, salads, veg tray, a dessert?
I will provide the meat and cheese trays.
6pm sounds good to me if that works for everyone.
Every person needs to bring 5 items from the Dollar store plus maybe 1 item that Brayden and Connor can choose.
Also, we are doing the white elephant (can you say turkey trophy?).

Noelle said...

Do you want me to provide the a Honey Baked Ham Paul? I have a gift certificate.

I say yes to the white elephant.

andrea (Nana) said...

I will bring potato salad and a dessert. Can't wait!!!!

paula said...

Noel, you can bring the ham. Maybe, I will get a small package of roast beast and rolls.
I cannot wait.....
I am more excited about the dollar store stuff than I would be about a 25 dollar present!

Noelle said...

So are we wtill doing the white elephant?

paula said...

White elephant, yes!!!
I can't wait!

Lori said...

I can bring pumpkin pie as usual if that is ok.....

paula said...

Noelle - ham
Paula - Roast beast and cheeses
Andrea - potato salad and dessert
Jeanne - strangely quiet
Lori - pumpkin pie
Cindy - strange quiet

We need
vegetable tray

I will provide the plates, cups, napkins, cutlery

Do not wrap your dollar Store stuff.
Wear your slippers if you want.
Don't forget your white elephant.
Bring whatever you are drinking.

paula said...

I got the plates, napkins, cutlery and cups.

Lori said...

Does everyone, esp. Dad, know the plan? maybe not everyone has checked the blog....?